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Hi I’m Dominik Mikula and what I mentioned above is exactly what I do for my clients. While I provide SEO services at the end of the day as a business owner myself I know what is important. And that is more people seeing your business resulting in more sales, revenue and profit.

I’m originally from Perth, Australia. Right now I live in different parts of Europe and the UK depending on what season it is. I love my sports. I love to travel. I’m quite a simple guy but with one difference.

I’m very passionate about SEO. I love to help businesses get higher rankings in Google! 

I also rank my own websites. This means I’m always testing what works on my own sites so I can apply SEO that actually works to keep clients ranked no matter happens!

Want ranking proof? Watch a quick video here…

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Expert SEO Services

I didn’t want to bore you with the details above. But if you want to know exactly what it is that I do in regards to SEO you can read about it just below.

Local Search

Put simply I help you rank your website in the local search results for your desired keywords.

This includes ranking on page one for Google organic listing and in the Google business listings.

We are in 2018 so I help you rank not only for desktop searches. Mobile rankings are covered also.

National Search

Maybe you would like to attract customers from around the country? I can get your site ranked for national terms and even international search terms.

Another option that I have successfully helped clients with is to ‘flood’ the market. So when their main keyword is searched in any suburb in a particular area their business showed up on the first page of Google.

Video Marketing

Video is a very powerful marketing medium. Videos also rank quite fast compared to websites.

I have successfully helped several businesses achieve page one rankings for videos. In some cases I have blanketed a market for a client so each local suburb search result shows their video on page one.

Social Media

I can help you establish your brand on social media. In 2018 it’s ‘strange’ for a business to not have a social media presence.

It’s almost a requirement for social validation. So your potential customers can read your reviews and make a choice to use your products and services.

Years of SEO Experience
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Total Clients Served
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Page 1 Rankings


Listen to what others have to say about me.
Don’t take my word. Take theirs…

"I've had the pleasure of knowing Dominik for about 6 years now and his ability in SEO is excellent. His willingness to learn fast and work even faster is a testament to his ability to provide top results for your business.

His knowledge in SEO will help turn your business around and get you the results most businesses can only dream of. Dominik is definitely one of the go to guys for SEO that I would turn to, to help bring more revenue and clients to your business."
Paul Foulkes
Internet Entrepreneur
"I've know Dominik since 2011.

Over the years I have seen his SEO ability rank a large number of websites to the top of Google. This has resulted in larges revenue increases with the respective websites business owners.

Dominik is my 'go to' person for any SEO work I need completed.

I can't recommend Dominik enough to rank your website in Google so you can increase your businesses revenue."
Greg De Tisi
Life & Performance Coach
"I’ve done business with Dominik several times and he always went above and beyond to earn my business.

I used Dominik's SEO service to rank the websites of my own clients as I do web design and web development. I was very happy handing over the SEO part of my business to Dominik.

He was quick to fix the changes I had, and is always very responsive.

Dominik is a great guy to have in your corner."
Scott Drost
Drost Web Services & 1 Oak Guest List
“Dominik helped significantly improve my site’s rankings for its most important keywords.

He was very easy to work with. There was very little work or management required on my part. He did his thing & he delivered results.”
Steven Daar
Conversion For Good
"Working with Dominik has been a rewarding experience both for myself and my business.

Dominik helped me with many of my client's local businesses rank on the first page of search, not only locally but nationally as well, over the past 3 years.

He not only knows digital marketing but lives and breathes it every day. So, if you're looking for someone who can not only rank your business online, locally and nationally but can also keep it there, Dominik is the one who can do it.

He's also very trustworthy and will turn your investment of ranking online into profit, so don't hesitate to retain his skills."
Phillip MacDonald
"I've known Dominik now for a few years through various businesses, but it's his SEO knowledge that piqued my interest.

I have a Travel Agency based in Portugal and Dominik made some very astute observances which have immediately led to an improvement in my rankings.

As a result I have now left the complete running of all my SEO and website optimizing in Dominik's hands."
Pete Nutter
"Dominik is a masterful SEO who knows the ins and outs of getting sites to rank.

We've done business a few different times and he can get results for his clients. If you want to rank better in Google, he's the man to get you there.

Additionally he's always impressed me with his communication and professionalism.

I highly recommended Dominik."
Josh Kelly
"Dominik’s partnership was essential for me to scale my business online. Thanks to his expertise on SEO and how to rank sites, I was able to increase my site’s revenues tenfold.

He’s not a Jedi of search engine optimization, he is freaking Obi Wan Kenobi! I’ve known him long enough to know his swiss-knife approach to rank sites.

In case you are in doubt about his services, give him a chance to surprise you! You’ll thank yourself later!"
Thales Melo
Internet Entrepreneur
"Dominik's service is great.

I was trying to rank a few main keywords with high search volume to the top of Google so people could find my site.

Dominik was able to provide a strategy that helped just that. His deep knowledge of SEO was exactly was I needed. I got my sites ranked with his service and expertise.

Plus, he's a very friendly guy, always happy to help answer any questions I had."
Mac Klungpremchit
Internet Entrepreneur
“When I worked with Dominik I was very impressed with the speed that I saw results take place.

His SEO service helped me get first-page rankings on Google for medium to high competition keywords.”
Michael Collins
"I used Domink's Services to get my site ranked in the competitive "Bookkeeping Services" Space here in Sydney.

The impact was phenomenal to say the least.

We went from 2 leads a month to between 3-5 new potential customers per week.

Our Business is Booming!"

Amanda Mckenzie
Irenas Bookkeeping Services
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You're read the testimonials...

They are not my words, they are the words of my clients. Who are now my ravings fans!

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How About Some Proof I Can Rank Websites?

Testimonials are one thing. But in the video below you will see
some ‘hard evidence’ of the websites I’ve ranked in Google.

Page #1 on Google Maps Within 24 Hours

See screenshots below for 3 keywords than ranked on page one within 24 hours after I created the maps listing. This is for the same waterproofing client in the video above. The maps listing was created in the evening of January 29th 2018. Searching Google on the morning of January 30th and it’s ranked page one.

I’ve also included a screenshot of a keyword I’ve held the #1 ranking for over 5 years in the painting industry. If this traffic was paid for with AdWords it would cost over $5,000 monthly!

Amazing what happens when you do things right!
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Award Winning Internet Marketer

A group including myself teamed up together and used various internet marketing strategies to drive over $1 million in sales in just 6 short months. Below is the photo of us on stage and the award we were presented. This was at the CCPro Master Marketing Event in Phoenix Arizona in May 2011.


Amazon Success

One of the businesses I’ve run in the past was an Amazon private label business. In short this included buying products in China. Adding our branding to the products. Importing them into USA. Then developing marketing strategies to promote those products. SEO was a component of that strategy. 

Below is an screenshot of revenue my business partner and I created in that business in a 6 month period. This business has done over $1 million in revenue to date.

Why Hire Dominik?

Why am I showing you this from Amazon? Why am I showing you the award above?

Why should we work together? It’s quite simple really…

I showed you the above so you can see I am a well rounded and seasoned business owner. Who thinks and acts like a real business owner should. You see, in the world of SEO there are a lot of people who just understand ‘SEO’ and only ‘SEO’.

There is more to SEO then just getting a website ranked. You need to understand various aspects of business. There is nothing more frustrating for a business owner than handing your SEO to someone who ranks your site for a keyword that will never bring in any business.

It takes a fellow business owner to read between the lines and get the results for your business that were promised.

If I decide to take you on as a client you also get to work with myself. I don’t run a factory style marketing agency that employs sales staff who try to close deals. And then you have a hard time trying to get an update about your sites ranking progress.

As a client of mine you get a one on one person touch with yours truly through a small boutique style SEO marketing agency that gets real results.


Attending a private 'invite only' internet
marketing mastermind in NYC

Are We A Good Fit? Apply Today!

As I mentioned above I’m quite selective who I work with. Just because you apply doesn’t mean I will take you on as a client..

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