$1MM+ Partnership

Do you already run a successful business?

Do you know for fact that your market is capable of creating a multi-million dollar business if you scaled heavily? As the demand is there.

Do you have the following in place:

  1. Management
  2. Sales staff
  3. A steady flow of leads and customers
  4. Marketing budget
  5. A known brand in your market place
  6. A solid product line or service
  7. A good reputation
  8. A Good website that is visually appealing

And most importantly you understand that the world is shifting and to excel at a rapid pace in business you must be online.

While I take on clients for SEO I am also open to partnerships. This is were I come in as a marketing partner for your company.

Generally this takes place after a client has been getting their SEO done by me for sometime so trust is established. Then if the opportunity is right this conversion can take place if all the criteria above is met.

But I am open to the conversation prior to a client coming on board. It just depends on the situation.

What is the overall concept?

Well ultimately it comes down to total marketplace dominance though SEO.

Imagine for a moment that you have your main keyword ranking at #1 in the organic SEO results. The Google map listing is also #1. That in and of itself brings in a lot of business.

But for a moment imagine that you owned the #2 to #5 spots in the organic results and the other 2 positions in Google maps?

That is more business than most companies can handle. The growth that the company will go through is the road to a multi-million dollar business.

But it does not end there…

Not at all!

How about each suburb? Every single one of those has a #1 spot that can be taken.

How about the towns around your city? They all have #1 organic positions and Google maps.

Are you starting to see why I call this total marketplace dominance?

Lets do some quick maths based on a few examples of just the #1 spots of a main keyword.

A painting company in London. Or maybe in Sydney. Or maybe in Miami. All these cities will have something along the lines for 3,000+ people searching for painters. It doesn’t matter where it is. This is the kind of traffic big cities get for painters.

Painting a 3 bedroom house could costs up to $10,000. Lets take a low ball average of $2,500 per job.

#1 in Google commands about 1/3 of the traffic. That is 1,000 visitors to the company website.

If 20% of those visitors call for a quote that is 200 phone calls per month. If you have a half decent sales team doing a good job and can close quotes at a 20% strike rate that is 40 new jobs per month.

That math works out as 40 new jobs x $2,500 per job = $100,000/month in new revenue.

One set of keywords just created a million dollar business.

How about all the phone calls from the #1 rankings for the suburbs.

How about the other towns. How about all the calls from the #2 – #5 spots for all those keywords across all the towns?

This is why I can say with confidence that a multi-million dollar company can be created from SEO marketplace dominance.

Don’t believe me? I’m sure you can think about several major players in your industry that are already multi-million dollar companies that have market place dominance. There is your proof.

But what is this worth?

If that one keyword created $100,000/month that is $1,200,000/year created in new business.

That is easily $10,000+ a month in the cost of SEO. Then how about market place dominance and taking the company to a $10MM+ a year? $100,000+ a month in SEO costs? Easily.

Any smart business owner understands the value of someone who can created a 10x ROI for their business.

But the reality is the cost is very substantial to any business.

This is why partnerships make more sense. Then I would have a vested interest in the success of the company apposed to just being the SEO guy who has a client. Compared to having the client always worry that their monthly spend of $10,000 – $100,000 per month really being worth it.

What is the criteria for this? 

The ability to deal with fast growth.

Read the list at the top of the page again.

Then add in a marketing budget to get everything moving initially. How much would this be? Well it depends on the city and competition.

Does this interest you?

Send me an email at dominik [at] dominikmikla.com and we can talk.