Salehoo Review: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!

In my Salehoo review I’m going to explore if it’s a good idea to start an online business with the program.

Dropshipping is an exciting way of trading online. Entrepreneurs get the opportunity to trade without actually having the stock required to run their enterprises. In essence, droppshipers look for clients through popular platforms such as eBay and Amazon, get their contact information, and then provide the manufacturing companies or supplier companies with this information. The suppliers then deliver the products to the client under the name of the online entrepreneur’s company.

Salehoo Review: Connecting Businesses to Dropshippers and Manufacturers based in the U.S.

Salehoo is an eCommerce wholesale directory designed for both online and traditional entrepreneurs. The company has a relatively large directory; therefore, one can find manufacturers, droppshippers, or wholesalers for most items. With this in mind, the founders of Salehoo decided to offer customer support, training materials, and a community forum to help online retailers to get started.

Salehoo’s headquarter is found in New Zealand, but the company has expanded its business to Australia, USA, and Asia. Thus, retailers interested
in purchasing goods from dropshippers or manufacturers based in the U.S. can do so with ease. In essence, this means that these business persons do not have to wait for extended periods to have their products delivered: shipping goods from China to the U.S usually takes long.

Why Consider Dropshippers from the U.S.?

Finding a good dropshipper may be more daunting than one may anticipate. A good supplier is an invaluable asset in the online business: an efficient supplier can elevate an eCommerce business to the next level, but a bad one can destroy the hard earned reputation of an enterprise.

Therefore, if one’s business or client is based in the U.S., he or she would be better positioned if he dealt with a dropshipper from the U.S. The reasons for this have been discussed below.

Salehoo’s suppliers are usually thoroughly investigated to ensure that they are legitimate and qualified to deliver products. Thus, if one opts for a dropshipper based in the U.S., he or she will have the items he requested shipped within 24 hours.

Timely Delivery

Salehoo’s suppliers deliver products to customers within reasonable time frames: usually between 2 to 7 days. This is good for an online exec since his business gains trust from the client due to prompt delivery of products. A dropshipper located in the U.S. is better positioned to deliver products in a timely fashion.

Attractive Delivery Fees

If an online business person utilizes the services of a U.S.-based dropshipper to deliver products within the United States, he or she will not incur exorbitant delivery fees. Thus, he will be able to maximize on his or her profits.

Quick Refunds

In case goods get damaged as they are being transported, a client can have his or her refund back quite effortlessly. If a manufacturer of a product and  the Dropshipper are both based in the U.S., returns can be made in a relatively effortless manner. This may help win over the customer trust since he will feel comfortable to transact with the same eCommerce company again.

How to Find the Right Supplier with Salehoo

Searching through Google may reveal enterprises selling products at “wholesale prices”. However, after comparing the prices of the items found
on Google to those on eBay, one may realize that the prices of the items one Bay are lower. Salehoo is the answer to this equation. That’s one thumbs up I’m giving in my Salehoo review.

Advanced Filter

After finding what one wants on the Salehoo website, he or she can tick a few boxes and the site’s advanced filters will offer suggestions of suppliers
who will meet his or her exact demands. Thus, if one is interested in international shipping, dropshipping, or low minimum orders, a good number of suggestions will be availed to him or her.

The Take Home with my Salehoo Review

Online entrepreneurship is an ideal way to get into the business world. Reason being, one does not have to worry about stocking his shop, where
to take the goods that have not been bought. Or where to store his or her products. The above discussion helps business persons learn how they can gain access to dropshippers and manufacturers based in America as well as the right suppliers for their products.

I give it the thumbs up overall. It’s a great way to get started with an online business.

So that’s it!

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